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Ep.#43: The Pickleball Phenomenon: Deidre Hill's Tale of Community and Entrepreneurship with Dink and Volley Pickleball

March 19, 20241 min read

Have you ever witnessed a small-town phenomenon that completely captivated your heart? Deidre Hill from Dink and Volley Pickleball in Opelika joins us to share just that—a tale of love, community, and the soaring popularity of pickleball. Deidre and her husband's leap of faith into the retail world has not only supplied enthusiasts with top-notch gear but also helped to shatter the stereotype of pickleball as an older person's exclusive sport. 

Listen as we unwrap the story of an entrepreneurial duo who, with zero background in retail, carved out a niche that's become the talk of Opelika. Their store extends its warmth beyond the pickleball court, inviting tennis and golf aficionados as well to revel in the shared joy of the game. This episode isn't just about pickleball; it's about the heart of a community, the spirit of enterprise, and the sweet spot where passion meets business.

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